Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post christmas craziness

As we get closer and closer to the new year after all the holiday excitement, I am just SOOO thrilled to be so READY for a new year! I cannot wait to finish up projects from last year and get started on 2012. Tonight's the presale for Studio Calico && the kits just look amazingggg, by far I want everything lol Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out and I can grab some during the presale, and if not maybe grab up the rest at the regular release. Those kits will definitely get me started off with a good amount of new supplies-- and I think this week I'll be grabbing up some of the things I want; some Elle's Studio, some Ormolou-- little things I want to grab up with the year added in.

I'm proud to say that I at least kept up with grabbing details and remembering to take photos for DD everyday, but being sick did put me a little behind, but not so bad that one day won't finish it up. I loved the project, loved being able to see everyone else's as we worked on them-- I'll definitely do it again next year! Here's a few pics of some of my faves, I'll do a round up prolly next week after I finish up! Our family Christmas isn't until this coming Friday, so I think I'll be extending mine to the 31st, which will be fun with Caleb being out of school.
With him being home, I'm off work a little bit more this week, so I plan on getting crafty! Getting ready for reveal chats with the ladies tonight & get in a bit of sbooking-- peeks later!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

no snow in ohio??

What I love most about scrapbooking is that there's always something new! Products are constantly coming out, fads happen, everyone shares tips & tricks-- and you can always feel included, whether you're brand new or have been doing it for years. Twitter has opened a whole new level of social media for me, I love being able to talk to the girls, post pics, see what everyone's working on as it happens. And when new products come out-- like the NEW Amy Tan minibooks, one's just gotta know all about it! Beyond excited about them, because I just LOVE using the instax, instagram & Pivi printer, so I can't wait to get my hands on these & start using them for trips! I'm especially excited to get one in time for Winter CHA :]]]

With my December Daily I'm getting plenty of practice with on the go scrapbooking, I don't know if I'll remember how to do pages when I work on them next LoL I'm in love with this project, and so far, I'm keeping pretty caught up, leaving a few things left to add in in case I see any super cute ideas I MUST include-- as pages get posted on pinterest && blogs I feel the need to scraplift some of the really cute ones! I'm proud, because I've been pretty sick, but I HAVE still been doing the pages & such, just not blogging about it! But, of course with today being Caleb's first day of break, we had PLENTY to do today [seriously, we woke up early and were go, go, go, I can only imagine two more weeks of this lol] and when he wanted to get crafty, I figured it'd be the perfect time to start on my pages!

It STILL has yet to really snow here in Ohio, and Caleb and I cannot complain about this enough! It's just NOT what we're used to, and we both LOVE snow, so we're getting a little impatient. Plus, I was SO looking forward to incorporating snowy images into my DD, so it's a bit of a bummer, I'm saving all these cute wintery things just in case.... To make up for it, and to decorate Mammy's house for her, we decided to make snowflakes-- hilarious, and time consuming and FUN. While he finished that project and we watched a movie, I started on todays page--

The instax photos are truely the best part, because he went and "made it snow," on Mammy, all over the kitchen floor, on our tree, everywhere. Now if only the weather would get the clue!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Elle's Studio has a link to my blog today for using their products in my December Daily! I feel so loved :] It was a great suprise when I jumped online to catch up on all my favorite blogs! The great part is, I'm using more of their products for todays page!!! Here's a sneak of today's foundation:

Waiting to send an order out to postalpix & Dec 1-9 will be finished! LOVE this project!

It's finally snoooowwwwing here in Ohio, so I'm hoping I'll have even more great photos to put on once today's over! Short post today, sadly this girl's gotta work all night :[ Playing in the snow sounds like so much more fun! Have a happy crafting weekend!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a lot like christmas.

I bought multiple kits to use for my December Daily, knowing that even though it was the first year I'd be making one, that like with all projects, I go alllll out lol. Studio Calico & Ali Edwards teamed up this year to make a kit, with a perfectly sized album, but sadly I missed buying it. Which turned out AWESOME, because as you read before, I WON one :] Totally amazing, absolutely love it, thanks again Elizabeth!!!! I also purchase Elle's Studio's two winter kits, 'Tis the Season & Jack Frost. Combined with products I picked up from October Afternoon, Evaliscious && Ormolou I am soooo unbelievably excited about this project!

Lots of scrapbookers encourage everyone else doing this project to start off with foundation pages, which I sort of did. But with so many products to include and soooo many ideas, I did things a little bit differently--I collected first. And by collecting, I did everything from surfing blogs, pinterest and instagram photos of previous years and what people are already doing this year. Then I took the idea of keeping the items for the project in a specific location, like gluestick girl's idea-- because I am also a container lover and adored the idea of being able to cart around the supplies to work on this everyday project. Combining those together, I have ideas & lists [I'm a Virgo, can you tell??] that I think will really help me with having things to write about, and take pictures of every day of December.

[DECEMBER] The Studio Calico kit came with these ammmazing blank kraft calendar pages & I'm so excited to have a few leftover for other projects! This was one of the things I worked on when I was making my foundation pages, using little bits & pieces from alllll of the things I collected, and leaving some to fill in later, it's a perfect start off for my December pages.

Unlike some, I did choose to start my album the day after Thanksgiving, because for me, Black Friday is really the starting point of the Christmas craziness, and it just HAD to be included, especially this year! And I'm still waiting to do the outside of my album, which I know is a first for most people, but I really want to see the inside done & then decide what exactly I want the outside to look like.

One of my favorite foundations was made by Nancy who has definitely sparked a creative bug in me that even without being able to attend the event this year, has made me feel every bit of a sister from being so inspiring & helpful. I loved how she used rhonna designs ditigal kits to make her album, and will be incorporating some of those designs into mine as well. But aside from the products she used I totally fell for how she had so many different sized pages; from the date column, to the baseball card holders, to journaling pages, envelopes-- much more like the on the go albums, like Amy Tangerine's that I fell in love with-- perfect for memorabilia!

[December 5] Cut out a silhouette snowflake pattern, and used the outter edges as a mask for some Studio Calico Mr Huey's LOVE how it turned out, and I'm sure I'll be using this technique with tons of shapes for this album & pages later :]

So fellow bloggers, I hope you get some good ideas, inspiration and HAVE FUN with your December Daily, because I already know it will be one of my favorite projects, I'm so glad I decided I took it on!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

munchkin turned 8.

Happy Birthday to my mini me, who is also my FAVORITE scrapbooking subject, and thankfully for the most part he just grins && goes with it-- even takes his own camera on an especially good day :]   [he's a professional photographer, in case you weren't aware lol] 29 is my favorite number, so it was really NO suprise that Caleb was born on the 29th. && he was also born the day after Thanksgiving, which meant shoppppping that morning :] Yes, you read that right, I'm a nut and went [& thoroughly enjoyed] Black Friday shopping & then had my child that night! LoL This year the 29th was another spectacular day, for many of the same reasons:

Munchkin just turned 8. Which is hard to believe, I can't believe how big he already is. He picked going to eat at Golden Corral && getting to go play games at ChuckECheese for his bday, which we were happy to agree to. Not only was it fun because it was his birthday, but also because yesterday I picked up my Instax film :]
Much thanks to my bestie, who is overseas and bought me one of the best Christmas presents ever! Since Instax cameras are all the scrapbooking rage right now, I just NEEDED to have one, but then we went onnnnneee better-- mine is Hello Kitty shaped!!!!!

[i ♥ hello kitty]

Caleb had fun figuring out how an instant photo works, showing it off to my mom & grandma, like they had never seen a polaroid before LoL && he had an awesome birthday.

[loveeeee my new camera :]]]]

As if just getting an Instax camera wasn't enough early Christmas scrappy goodness, I went Black Friday shopping with my mom and ended up getting THIS:

[hellllllooooo silhouette :]]

At 189 when the cheapest I've even see it on ebay for was around 250 this was a STEAL and I just couldn't resist, so I bought it for myself for Christmas :] No other presents neccessary, Santa. [welllllI do have a list just in case ;] It was an incredibly fun Black Friday with my mom, involving me being up for welllll over 36 hours straight, and almost getting in a fight with a girl who realllly wanted my silhouette for herself.... but last night after the birthday festivities, I also got to cut out my first shapes-- prep for my already started December Daily of course :]

As if the 29th couldn't have gotten ANY better, we also had our first snowfall here in our part of Ohio, cannnnot wait to be able to go sledding, and build snowmen, yayyyy for the holiday season & our big to do list for December :] Happy Sbooking, can't wait to see everyone's holiday projects, so far I am in LOVE with December Daily!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

LOTS of happy mail :]

It's like Christmas coming early around here with the boxes of goodies that are pouring in, Mammy's loving it let me tell you LoL. I am though, so much fun stuff showing up in the mail! Got my Postal Pix, IN LOVE, definitely ordering them all the time now, especially with the great coupon codes you can get-- even better for my IPHONE that will be here soon :]]]]] big smiles from this girl! My Santa Sack from October Afternoon came, my Studio AE subscription, my Elle's Studio kits && the December Daily kit that I WON :] Needless to stay, I've had plenty to keep me busy. 

I am so excited for this holiday season, and how busy I will be & how being crafty will also get to be a major part of it as well!!!! Off to go finish up some Christmas card orders! Happy Thanksgiving scrapbooking loves!

Monday, November 14, 2011

my lucky day.

[man, i've been having a good couple of days! hopefully it keeps going....]

Sooooo today I woke up early to be able to get my hands on the two new AMAZING kits by Elle's Studio because I've heard AWESOME things about their products && thought they would be super cute to add to my December Daily. Which I THOUGHT I was gonna have to come up with a book & idea all by myself because I missed out on Studio Calico/Ali Edwards kit....

Then, I check my e-mail, because I wanted to make sure I got a receipt, and link over to check out the Studio Calico Sneak PEEK for this month, and I had an e-mail from Liz, who gave away a December Daily kit based on a raffle for her Team Challenge, which is raising money for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, and I WON. I NEVER win anything, so I was pretty much jumping for joy : >  I am so unbelievably excited, I cannot wait to get it just so I can start putting together all the things I've collected!

So this kit right here will be showing up at my doorstep soon :] ohhhhh so excited! Now, back to scrapbooking, I am on a ROLL lately-- pics up soon!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

soup lover.

Jillibean Soup class today at Simply Scrapbooks-- LOVED it! I adore Jill [theBIGbean] && Kimber I've met both of them before && just LOVE all their designs. Jillibean is one of my absolute FAVORITE companies, everything Jill designs is just totally my style. The animals, the patterns, how it all coordinated & there's just SO much different stuff-- how could you NOT love it?? Well today they both came to my LSS to teach a few classes, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend two, a Christmas gift class and a card class. I had such a blast & even got a sneak peek of one of their lines for Winter CHA :] Here's a few pics from my day:

 [[ Kimber, me && Jill ]]

<----- part of the Christmas gifts class, they used them as magnets-- perfect gifts for your office friends, but I'm gonna use mine for a crafty memo board :] && above, one of the cards we made for the card class with Jill. LOVED all the projects :]

After all the fun at Simply, now I'm home scrapbooking and watching movies with my munchkin. Got a wonderfulllll box full of goodies from Stampin Up on Friday, so between that the goodies I WON today, I'm all about getting some projects started! Girls Night In crop this coming Friday, so gotta get ready for that too!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

veterans day && a challenge.

Gotta love a photo challenge, && LOVED the whole concept! I'm even going to do it twice I believe, just because I can :] Make sure you check out Dear Lizzy's site && join in on the fun!

With today being veterans day, and me having no plans this morning, I thought it would be appropriate to do something to do with thanking the veterans, especially with a very military involved family. SO this is my photo for the challenge, and tribute to ALL of the soldiers, but especially those in my family. Thanks you && LOTS of love.

Today has been a pretty spectacular day, and it isn't even half over! At 11:11 CST, October Afternoon started there Santa Sacks! SOOOO excited to be getting some goodies from them!!! My mailman may just become my bff, they're always bringing me goodies :]

Tonight I am going to a Charity Bingo, supporting self-buisnesses in the area, Stampin Up, thirty one gifts-- I'm excited it was really fun last time & I can't wait until tonight. SUCH a good 11:11, hope you're all having a great day as well!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

munchkin. money & memories.

Well, as soon as I started it, of couuuurse I couldnt keep up my scrapbooking kick lol. It seems like everyone is sick, so I've been working extra, taking away from daily sbooking! SO on this 5th day of November, I will have to make up for three days.

I am most thankful for my munchkin. He makes me laugh, and mostttt of the time he lets me take as many pictures of him as I want :] I love having a munchkin who's freckles & personality are so much like mine who also fills in as the sibling I never had.

[[silly munchkins. watching Cars2]]

This time of year especially, I am thankful for my JOB = money. Lol Granted I will be saving forever to be able to buy a new car, but at least I have a full time job with benefits that I walk away with cash in hand [almost] every day :] I love the people I work with, & my regulars!

As a scrapbooker, I am thankful for my memories. Which could also mean I am thankful for my cameras, because they help me capture the pictures! & for having a good memory, because I loooove being able to reminisce with all my faves! Scrapbooking has been such an incredible part of my life, and I am constantly in awe of how much I really love everything about it. I love being able to share special moments with Caleb, friends and family, through all of my scrapbooks :]

Now that the babies are headed to bed after a crazy night of movie watching && silly pictures, I'm gonna use the time to catch up on scrapbooking && get some things done! Hope you're all having a crafty weekend!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


On facebook a lot of people are doing a "what I am thankful for" post every single day from now until Turkey Day. && my Scrappy Girls friend Megan is currently doing a challenge to complete a page a day. SO I've decided on what I think will be an easy challenge with how many projects I have in the upcoming month, I will tie the two challenges together. Every single day I will make a card, page or project that ties in with what I am thankful for.

I know it's the second, so I am already a day late, but I did scrapbook yesterday, so I can combine the two lol. First, I am thankful for the opportunities I've had this year in the scrapbooking industry. I've got to go to a ton of events, travel, make friends, && meet some incredible people, like Madison & Jody from Echo Park Paper who I got to work with at Scrapfest. Yesterday I received a box of goodies from them for working at their booth :] I LOVE their lines, especially the new ones-- Times & Seasons, Winter Park && new Dots & Stripes collections, I cannot WAIT to get my hands on them as well! Check out their blog, you'll be sure to find something you like!

Second, I am thankful for my Scrappy Girls group. Started by a gal named Serena, it originally started as a group on facebook of ladies who were attending Scrapfest, that could meet up, become friends, trade tips & tricks-- amazing for me, since I traveled all the way from Ohio by myself. Since then, the ladies that did meet up and get together have branched off into Scrappy Girls, complete with a Christmas exchange, birthday list, && an upcoming winter weekend crop :]  

So today's project will be a sneak of November bdays cards, that I will be sending out in the morning! Made with Unity Stamps  && the Echo Park Happy Days collection, I think these ladies will enjoy their cards!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Lizzy && December Daily

Dear Lizzy: December Daily SC Kit Giveaway: One of my favorite scrapbookers on the planet is giving this kit away-- make sure you check it out && see how amazing she is as well :] Thanks to Elizabeth for the chance to win!

Just found out they will NOT be taking care of my car, so I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed that I win this kit, I could USE a pick me up for sure!!!!!

On a plus side note for the day, got signed up for the jillibean soup classes next weekend, since Jill & Kim are coming to teach class at my LSS, can't wait to see them!!!!

new lens spooktacular :]

Happy Halloween!

I absolutely love halloween, but I feel like I didn't do anything since I didn't get to go out in a costume myself on Saturday night. BUT I did get to take Caleb to the pumpkin patch, and trick or treat was tonight, super fun! It's always hilarious to walk around with him & see him be his OCD self haha He went as Captain Rex from Star Wars Clone Wars & he was pretty cute:

BEST part of the night?? Getting to use my Nikon :]

Then we came home, I finished up a few pages && now keep your fingers crossed!!!! I could really use some amazing good luck right now :] Off to bed, this girls gotta work a double tomorrow, to make moola for a new car [thanks again deer, I really appreciate having to buy a car right before the holidays.]

Friday, October 28, 2011

ky regionals.

I have never been to Louisville, KY, but I can tell you I will be back :] From the little I have seen, I love it && I can't wait to see what it looks like in the daytime! Staying at the Galt House Hotel-- GORGEOUS!!!!&& when I met the ladies for dinner, they had a freaken awesome magician, sounds corny right? NO. Totally entertaining!

Here for Stampin Up Regionals, & I am so excited!!! Rooming with Carlyn, so good to see her again, and so incredibly pumped to get in the mood for some card making, holidays are always the perfect time. I've already seen some examples with AMAZING techniques that I just can't wait to share when I get home :]

Monday, October 24, 2011

never miss a photo op

Scrapbooking isn't just a hobby for me, if possible, it's all I would EVER do, because I absolutely LOVE everything about it. The entire industry is just amazing to me, and I am very thankful to be involved in any way I can be. While I am incredibly sad that I missed out on SPARK, I DID have an amazing time Friday night at our first Girls Night In crop :] I am so excited that these girls are interested in the hobby, and I love each of them so it'll be fun to watch them grow as scrapbookers!

Caleb's been a model for a few photographers lately, and the pictures have turned out reallllly good, which is totally exciting to be able to use for layouts as well. I'm in love with this fall weather, now that it finally stopped raining, because there have been SO many good days to get outside & enjoy this beautiful time of year! Today he did birthday pictures, just a few :] && we found an impromptu photo booth at Gap Kids-- stop by at your mall, they have CUTE cardboard props && a background that you can play with-- gotta love everyday moments that turn out to be AMAZING!!

[LOVE it! We had fun goofing off with the props!]

BUT the biggest news of the day??? Guess who got a new lens for her Nikon?? THIS GIRL. Need I really explain how excited I am?? & right in time for fall leaf pictures, Caleb's class Halloween party and trick or treat?? Or how about the approaching holiday season?? yayyyyy!!
Now for serious buisness, finishing up a few layouts! One for a challenge that ends this weekend, and a page for a friend :] You'll see them soon enough!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sick day with munchkin.

Poor Caleb got sent home from school, after already missing yesterday, & he's not allowed to go back tomorrow either since he was sick AT school today. SO I'm taking advantage of his lounging around state so we can watch Lion King & get some crafting done :] Which is pretty much what I'm doing non stop these days lol

Girls night crop on Friday night should be fun, so far the girls coming are mostly new to scrapbooking, so it'll be fun to teach some newbies && get them addicted to it! Pretty excited to get an order in, and start working on Christmas cards && baby shower invites-- it's that time of year :]

Looking at trips to finish off the year, since I can't attend SPARK this weekend [& believe me, I'm dyyying to go, esecially since I know some of the people there] but Amy mentioned the CRAFT beach retreat, which sounds great as well, but I may just save up & start the year off with WINTER CHA. Ohhhh decisions. If I wait til January, then we could prolly take the weekend before show starts to go to Disney :] I've never been to Cali, so I think if we wait until January it can be a HUGE event....

While I think about it more, why not get some pages done?? I'm doing them all without photos right now, so I'll have to run out later && print them all, so they'll look a lot different with the finishing touches && pics! I'm dying to order some mini moo prints && some off instagram, so I figure it I stock pile some pages, I'll get a better deal! I LOVE all the different ways to print pics now, makes pics that much more interesting. For now, here's a few shots of  the one I worked on last night, using Studio Calico  products & a bit of the Amy Tangerine washi tape:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

saturday & sunday night sbooking.

After a rough weekend in the life lol, I'm in a me time mood, so a scrapbooking I will be on this wonderful fall weekend :] Pretty excited to play with new goodies, like the Amy Tangerine washi tape I got in the mail with my AMAZING owl tshirt on Friday  [[thanks Amy!!]]. Do some misting, some hand sewing, I'm pretty excited, there's a lot of fun techniques I've been wanting to play around with and haven't had the time to pull it all out at once!!!

I do have to say I'm pretty proud of my self & some of the projects I've been working on-- here's a few sneaks from ones I worked on last night:

[some hand stitching. some washi tape.]

[some misting, && tiny staples-- LOTS of different love]

[photos from his self-made valentines last year  ♥]

&& after an awesome day at the pumpkin patch, tonight I'll be working on photos from that, and getting ready for the girls crop night in this Friday :] SOOOO bummed I can't be at SPARK next weekend, but I'll be surrounded by lots of crafty goodness!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

scrappy chics.

Crop night in another state--- Michigan this time :] a birthday celebration with a longtime scrapbooking friend at Scrappy Chic in Livonia, Michigan for the night. LOVIN it!!! Such a cute store, && they have tonnnnsss of Hambly screen prints && the Studio Calico Memoir collection that I've been looking for. It's always so fun to go to new stores & see what different things they have, even "last ones" items that you can't get anymore to add to collections u already have but haven't used yet.

If you live anywhere near it, I totally recommend Scrappy Chic scrapbook store-- LOVE it! HUGE crop room, amazing food included && loootsss of goodies& if they don't have it- they'll try to order it! The girls working were super helpful & they have great designers, I'll definitely be back to visit!

[the store from the front door]

I never get much done at these things, I get to involved "spying" on what others are working on, or shopping, or showing off a technique lol BUT I did get a two page layout almost done, I just need to print off the photos & do a little sewing, impressive for me :] I'll post it when it's done!!!

[faith && i @Scrappy Chic]
Glad I came to visit my Faith Star, missed her!!! Now for more scrapping in our pretty hotel for the night && waiting on pizza yum yum, I'm stttttarrrrrving. LoL

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

love to my scrappy friends.

I am SOOO lucky to have fallen into a hobby I love so much, and especially after my trip to Minnesota, I just WANT to find a store I fit into & work at one again, or a company :] I love everything about this industry & can't imagine ever finding something I find so inspiring and rewarding as I do with the pictures, papers & people of scrapbooking. I am so lucky to have friends who love it just as much as I do, and I love how no matter the level of experience, we can all enjoy it, and learn from each other, together. So thank you scrappy friends, for always being there for me :]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

beyond inspired.

[the mall of america archivers]
hommmme from Scrapfest, and finally kind of all unpacked lol. Just opened my Studio Calico glee club box [it came while I was gone] and I cannot wait to get my hands into some new projects. This weekend was truuuly amazing from the ladies who came through the make in take lines, to the wonderful designers && scrapbookers I had met before. I loved it, I didn't want to come home at all. But now that I am home, I cannot wait to get into some more projects, do some new photos with my new camera, and impatiently await the arrival of my mobile printer :]

I didn't get much done, just one page, and I started adding in all the things to my travel journal from Scrapfest, but I had a great time teaching others new techniques, talking to some of my favorite people in the industry, and getting goodies-- by far the best birthday present I've ever bought myself. Here's a few pics, already can't wait til next year!!! Hopefully I'll see you all there!

 [time holtz: a birthday hug && a compliment, ill take it :]

[jody & madison: LOVED working for Echo Park all weekend]

[the Studio Calico crew-- had SO much fun misting with them!]
[Amy Tangerine && Liz of Dear Lizzy-- LOVE you ladies && had so much fun talking to you all weekend, you both are SOOOO inspiring && I can't wait to see you again soon!]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i dont want to go home.

It started out a little bit rough, but I absolutely LOVE the Mall of America :] This has been the best experience, and I'm so glad I came. The entire weekend has been a blast, from working making takes, to getting to see faces to the names of online friends, to being told by Lizzy that I was talented lol. Spending time with the AMAZING people in the scrapbook industry reminds me why I SOOO badly want to be even more involved to spend more time with them, it's truly inspirational, thank you to all the companies & individuals that I spent time with this weekend :]

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Madison= GUY lol

SOOOO because I'm a wonderful facebook stalker && could spend all day everyday trying to get somewhere while sbooking, I saw this AMAZING post by Echo Park, asking for help at Scrapfest. Not only are they PAYING me, but I get free goodies too??? I may never come home from the Mall of America, and I haven't ever been, or have I even thought about the SHOPPING opportunities!!! [Okay, I thought about them, I just figured there was no way I could money manage for an extreme shopping spree :]

I am just so excited to meet Madison && the other Echo Park people-- an extra bonus for the sbookin trip of my birthday. This will deffffinitely make up the BEST birthday present to myself EVER.

I'm just so excited about everything! Off to finally go pack, I think I finnnnallly decided what I'm gona pack to take with me :] Night fellow sbookers!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day laziness.

Here in ohio it was cold & rainy for this labor day weekend, so instead of getting to do all the fun festivities, I opted to stay inside, I can't get sick, I work every day until Scrapfest!!! As a result, I did get a few projects in, sneaks up here in a bit! I'm also getting ready for my Kick Off party for Stampin Up this Thursday :] Pretty excited for it, since I've actually gotten good responses from some of the girls I invited-- hopefully it turns out well!

I became a Stampin Up demonstrator, because as we all know, I am obsessed with owls, and they have a punch that I just HAD to have [it makes each part of an owl, how could I NOT need it??!!]. No one would answer me when I tried to order it online, and I just had a rough time getting to make the order, so when a wonnnderful lady named Carlyn went ahead, sent me a new && old catalog, I was all set-- she's now my upline! I had a great time driving to meet her in Kentucky, and can't wait to go to the KY Regional with her and all of the other ladies!

As far as the company goes, I love their products, and they have definitely gotten a lot more versatile over the years, I'm excited to share with others new stamps, papers && tools. SOOO of course with this new job comes fun new stuff-- like throwing a kick off party, complete with extra deals & giveaways! So if you would like to check out my Stampin Up buisness, come on out to my party on Thursday, just get ahold of me for details!!!! OR check out my demonstrator website @ http://sbookinshay29.stampinup.net/

Friday, September 2, 2011

DONE. & sent. EEEEeeeeekkkkk!!!

Well, I finished up my projects, uploading the pics of them && sent them in today before heading off to work, wish me luck!!!! Now, I just have to wait for a week to find out! If nothing else, at least I got a few projects done with a quickness lol. Thankfully it's a holiday weekend, and I work about every single day until I find out, so I should be able to stay busy & not think about it toooo much :]

PLUS my LSS got in lots of other new products came in while I was there today, so packing should be new & fun, pretty excited! I can't believe Scrapfest is in two weeks! I seriously cannot wait, I'm so excited for everything going on right now!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

lack of sleep=projects finished:]

I am SO excited about my Bella Blvd design team projects, and really hope I make the design team, it'd be amazing. All I have left is to throw on the pictures, which I'm picking up between shifts at work, and I'll be ready to send them on over to Stephanie to get looked at! I wish all of the contestants good luck, it'll be so much fun to see who all they pick, and what other ladies did with their projects :] I tried to use a different technique with each page, and make them all look different, with different photo sizes, ugh, the next weeks going to be horrible waiting to find out!!!! Thankfully, packing for Scrapfest will deffffinitely keep me busy, I have to get photos and pages all set & figure out what all I need to pack, and if I need to pick up anything at my LSS before I leave, maybe make a want list while I'm there since it'll be my birthday!!!!

Off to work I go, gotta make some moola to afford more sbooking supplies :]

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

whoo loves Bella Blvd?? this girl.

I LOVE Bella Blvd. Their papers are always super bright and colorful, tons of stars, hearts and cute characters-- perfect for the little guy & all of his activities. So when Bella posted a design team call I was ecstatic! That's what I've been working on, pulling some extra late nights trying to squeeze in the required projects between work, back to school for Caleb, finishing invitations & cards. I have to say so far they have turned out reallllly well, I'm proud of what I've got so far, just need to finish up some finishing touches and put the pictures on. Oh, and replace a 12x12 sheet, Emma got ahold of my scrapbooking supplies..... Silly puppy, apparently she thinks Bella's papers are yummy too lol.

[poor Bella papers, they met Emma, our twelve week old black lab]

[she's cute, but deffffinitely rotten lol]

Wish me luck, it's due Friday & new designers are announced on the 9th! I've been watching who's entered and I really hope I get it, there's so many talented people out there. The deadline was quick though, and I work better under pressure, so maybe that'll help! Peeks will be up after I send it in on Friday! When these are all done, I've gotta get ready for Scrap Fest! A little over two weeks until I leave!!!!!

Back Up & Bloggin!

My laptop was stolen, I lost pretty much everything on it [a MAJOR deal for me, with all the pictures] but something good came out of it-- I had to redo my blog! It was long time coming, since a background kind of destroyed my original blog, but all better, all new, & slowly coming together again!

I cannot wait to get back into the groove, post projects and connect with more new friends, I LOVE the scrappin community for this reason! There is always inspiration out there, always something new to learn & someone to meet that'll totally rock your technique world :] Lots to come, this is my favorite time of year with back to school, bonfires, football & family-- and after going to CHA this year, I am even more excited about the products coming out, and so far have spent time every single day scrapping. Plus, TONS of fun activities planned, retreats, trips & anything scrapbooking to get out of work LOL.