Sunday, October 16, 2011

saturday & sunday night sbooking.

After a rough weekend in the life lol, I'm in a me time mood, so a scrapbooking I will be on this wonderful fall weekend :] Pretty excited to play with new goodies, like the Amy Tangerine washi tape I got in the mail with my AMAZING owl tshirt on Friday  [[thanks Amy!!]]. Do some misting, some hand sewing, I'm pretty excited, there's a lot of fun techniques I've been wanting to play around with and haven't had the time to pull it all out at once!!!

I do have to say I'm pretty proud of my self & some of the projects I've been working on-- here's a few sneaks from ones I worked on last night:

[some hand stitching. some washi tape.]

[some misting, && tiny staples-- LOTS of different love]

[photos from his self-made valentines last year  ♥]

&& after an awesome day at the pumpkin patch, tonight I'll be working on photos from that, and getting ready for the girls crop night in this Friday :] SOOOO bummed I can't be at SPARK next weekend, but I'll be surrounded by lots of crafty goodness!!!

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