Wednesday, February 22, 2012

in a funk.

I don't know what my deal is lately, I'm just NOT with it this month! I have tonnnnsss of new goodies that I haven't barely touched, projects I NEED to work on, but somehow it's just not happening.... So I'm making a vow to myself to get over it, starting today, with my first blog post in almost a month! [groan, I cannot believe I've been slacking THIS bad....]

Not getting to go to CHA last minute put me in a sad mood, and I haven't yet been able to pull myself out of it, I keep missing on opportunities, and I need a change! I'm hosting a Girls Night In crop on Friday for some of my Stampin Up lovies, which should be aMAZEing :] I love all the products in the new mini catalog and am truly excited about getting more crafty friends together to play this weekend! How can anyone not LOVE this stamp set--
Cannot wait for all the goodies to get here so the girls get to try out some of the new stuff! I LOVE sharing my favorite hobby, it's one of the reasons I scrapbook! Everyone in the industry LOVES it, and it's such a personal, FUN activity, I love being able to help each other out. Whether it's sharing a favorite item that you accidentally bought two of [LOL this happens way more often than we'd like to admit!!] or teaching a newbie how to make their first page, the commadarie is JUST incredible, in person, or across the blog :] So if we're scrappy friends, thank you for being there!

The overwhelming feeling of friendship that I've experienced especially lately in the scrapbooking world is DEFinitely helping me out of my funk that I'm in, and I'm thrilled to be throwing myself back into a sbooking mania-- getting ready for the garage sale at Simply this weekend to clean out unwanted products, waiting on my PL page protectors to get here-- can we say hurrrrayyyy to that one?! And along with preparing for a few baby showers in the next few weeks, I have a LIST of pages I WILL get done, because this girl wants things to change around here!

So, while this blog post may be a lot of words, it's also my promise to myself to get my butt in gear, and get going on turning this year around the way I wanted it to start out! Back soon with pictures of some finished pages, happy scrapping!