Friday, December 9, 2011


Elle's Studio has a link to my blog today for using their products in my December Daily! I feel so loved :] It was a great suprise when I jumped online to catch up on all my favorite blogs! The great part is, I'm using more of their products for todays page!!! Here's a sneak of today's foundation:

Waiting to send an order out to postalpix & Dec 1-9 will be finished! LOVE this project!

It's finally snoooowwwwing here in Ohio, so I'm hoping I'll have even more great photos to put on once today's over! Short post today, sadly this girl's gotta work all night :[ Playing in the snow sounds like so much more fun! Have a happy crafting weekend!!!!

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  1. Wow!!! I'm hopping over to Elle's to take a look!!! Congrats :) ( I got my washi tapes mostly from Singapore's LSS and a Japanese bookstore in my country,I think they are cheaper by 1 to 2 dollars compared those selling in the states, u can find Kinokuniya bookstore In some areas in the states too)


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