Wednesday, November 30, 2011

munchkin turned 8.

Happy Birthday to my mini me, who is also my FAVORITE scrapbooking subject, and thankfully for the most part he just grins && goes with it-- even takes his own camera on an especially good day :]   [he's a professional photographer, in case you weren't aware lol] 29 is my favorite number, so it was really NO suprise that Caleb was born on the 29th. && he was also born the day after Thanksgiving, which meant shoppppping that morning :] Yes, you read that right, I'm a nut and went [& thoroughly enjoyed] Black Friday shopping & then had my child that night! LoL This year the 29th was another spectacular day, for many of the same reasons:

Munchkin just turned 8. Which is hard to believe, I can't believe how big he already is. He picked going to eat at Golden Corral && getting to go play games at ChuckECheese for his bday, which we were happy to agree to. Not only was it fun because it was his birthday, but also because yesterday I picked up my Instax film :]
Much thanks to my bestie, who is overseas and bought me one of the best Christmas presents ever! Since Instax cameras are all the scrapbooking rage right now, I just NEEDED to have one, but then we went onnnnneee better-- mine is Hello Kitty shaped!!!!!

[i ♥ hello kitty]

Caleb had fun figuring out how an instant photo works, showing it off to my mom & grandma, like they had never seen a polaroid before LoL && he had an awesome birthday.

[loveeeee my new camera :]]]]

As if just getting an Instax camera wasn't enough early Christmas scrappy goodness, I went Black Friday shopping with my mom and ended up getting THIS:

[hellllllooooo silhouette :]]

At 189 when the cheapest I've even see it on ebay for was around 250 this was a STEAL and I just couldn't resist, so I bought it for myself for Christmas :] No other presents neccessary, Santa. [welllllI do have a list just in case ;] It was an incredibly fun Black Friday with my mom, involving me being up for welllll over 36 hours straight, and almost getting in a fight with a girl who realllly wanted my silhouette for herself.... but last night after the birthday festivities, I also got to cut out my first shapes-- prep for my already started December Daily of course :]

As if the 29th couldn't have gotten ANY better, we also had our first snowfall here in our part of Ohio, cannnnot wait to be able to go sledding, and build snowmen, yayyyy for the holiday season & our big to do list for December :] Happy Sbooking, can't wait to see everyone's holiday projects, so far I am in LOVE with December Daily!

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