Tuesday, December 27, 2011

post christmas craziness

As we get closer and closer to the new year after all the holiday excitement, I am just SOOO thrilled to be so READY for a new year! I cannot wait to finish up projects from last year and get started on 2012. Tonight's the presale for Studio Calico && the kits just look amazingggg, by far I want everything lol Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out and I can grab some during the presale, and if not maybe grab up the rest at the regular release. Those kits will definitely get me started off with a good amount of new supplies-- and I think this week I'll be grabbing up some of the things I want; some Elle's Studio, some Ormolou-- little things I want to grab up with the year added in.

I'm proud to say that I at least kept up with grabbing details and remembering to take photos for DD everyday, but being sick did put me a little behind, but not so bad that one day won't finish it up. I loved the project, loved being able to see everyone else's as we worked on them-- I'll definitely do it again next year! Here's a few pics of some of my faves, I'll do a round up prolly next week after I finish up! Our family Christmas isn't until this coming Friday, so I think I'll be extending mine to the 31st, which will be fun with Caleb being out of school.
With him being home, I'm off work a little bit more this week, so I plan on getting crafty! Getting ready for reveal chats with the ladies tonight & get in a bit of sbooking-- peeks later!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

no snow in ohio??

What I love most about scrapbooking is that there's always something new! Products are constantly coming out, fads happen, everyone shares tips & tricks-- and you can always feel included, whether you're brand new or have been doing it for years. Twitter has opened a whole new level of social media for me, I love being able to talk to the girls, post pics, see what everyone's working on as it happens. And when new products come out-- like the NEW Amy Tan minibooks, one's just gotta know all about it! Beyond excited about them, because I just LOVE using the instax, instagram & Pivi printer, so I can't wait to get my hands on these & start using them for trips! I'm especially excited to get one in time for Winter CHA :]]]

With my December Daily I'm getting plenty of practice with on the go scrapbooking, I don't know if I'll remember how to do pages when I work on them next LoL I'm in love with this project, and so far, I'm keeping pretty caught up, leaving a few things left to add in in case I see any super cute ideas I MUST include-- as pages get posted on pinterest && blogs I feel the need to scraplift some of the really cute ones! I'm proud, because I've been pretty sick, but I HAVE still been doing the pages & such, just not blogging about it! But, of course with today being Caleb's first day of break, we had PLENTY to do today [seriously, we woke up early and were go, go, go, I can only imagine two more weeks of this lol] and when he wanted to get crafty, I figured it'd be the perfect time to start on my pages!

It STILL has yet to really snow here in Ohio, and Caleb and I cannot complain about this enough! It's just NOT what we're used to, and we both LOVE snow, so we're getting a little impatient. Plus, I was SO looking forward to incorporating snowy images into my DD, so it's a bit of a bummer, I'm saving all these cute wintery things just in case.... To make up for it, and to decorate Mammy's house for her, we decided to make snowflakes-- hilarious, and time consuming and FUN. While he finished that project and we watched a movie, I started on todays page--

The instax photos are truely the best part, because he went and "made it snow," on Mammy, all over the kitchen floor, on our tree, everywhere. Now if only the weather would get the clue!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Elle's Studio has a link to my blog today for using their products in my December Daily! I feel so loved :] It was a great suprise when I jumped online to catch up on all my favorite blogs! The great part is, I'm using more of their products for todays page!!! Here's a sneak of today's foundation:

Waiting to send an order out to postalpix & Dec 1-9 will be finished! LOVE this project!

It's finally snoooowwwwing here in Ohio, so I'm hoping I'll have even more great photos to put on once today's over! Short post today, sadly this girl's gotta work all night :[ Playing in the snow sounds like so much more fun! Have a happy crafting weekend!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a lot like christmas.

I bought multiple kits to use for my December Daily, knowing that even though it was the first year I'd be making one, that like with all projects, I go alllll out lol. Studio Calico & Ali Edwards teamed up this year to make a kit, with a perfectly sized album, but sadly I missed buying it. Which turned out AWESOME, because as you read before, I WON one :] Totally amazing, absolutely love it, thanks again Elizabeth!!!! I also purchase Elle's Studio's two winter kits, 'Tis the Season & Jack Frost. Combined with products I picked up from October Afternoon, Evaliscious && Ormolou I am soooo unbelievably excited about this project!

Lots of scrapbookers encourage everyone else doing this project to start off with foundation pages, which I sort of did. But with so many products to include and soooo many ideas, I did things a little bit differently--I collected first. And by collecting, I did everything from surfing blogs, pinterest and instagram photos of previous years and what people are already doing this year. Then I took the idea of keeping the items for the project in a specific location, like gluestick girl's idea-- because I am also a container lover and adored the idea of being able to cart around the supplies to work on this everyday project. Combining those together, I have ideas & lists [I'm a Virgo, can you tell??] that I think will really help me with having things to write about, and take pictures of every day of December.

[DECEMBER] The Studio Calico kit came with these ammmazing blank kraft calendar pages & I'm so excited to have a few leftover for other projects! This was one of the things I worked on when I was making my foundation pages, using little bits & pieces from alllll of the things I collected, and leaving some to fill in later, it's a perfect start off for my December pages.

Unlike some, I did choose to start my album the day after Thanksgiving, because for me, Black Friday is really the starting point of the Christmas craziness, and it just HAD to be included, especially this year! And I'm still waiting to do the outside of my album, which I know is a first for most people, but I really want to see the inside done & then decide what exactly I want the outside to look like.

One of my favorite foundations was made by Nancy who has definitely sparked a creative bug in me that even without being able to attend the event this year, has made me feel every bit of a sister from being so inspiring & helpful. I loved how she used rhonna designs ditigal kits to make her album, and will be incorporating some of those designs into mine as well. But aside from the products she used I totally fell for how she had so many different sized pages; from the date column, to the baseball card holders, to journaling pages, envelopes-- much more like the on the go albums, like Amy Tangerine's that I fell in love with-- perfect for memorabilia!

[December 5] Cut out a silhouette snowflake pattern, and used the outter edges as a mask for some Studio Calico Mr Huey's LOVE how it turned out, and I'm sure I'll be using this technique with tons of shapes for this album & pages later :]

So fellow bloggers, I hope you get some good ideas, inspiration and HAVE FUN with your December Daily, because I already know it will be one of my favorite projects, I'm so glad I decided I took it on!