Tuesday, September 27, 2011

love to my scrappy friends.

I am SOOO lucky to have fallen into a hobby I love so much, and especially after my trip to Minnesota, I just WANT to find a store I fit into & work at one again, or a company :] I love everything about this industry & can't imagine ever finding something I find so inspiring and rewarding as I do with the pictures, papers & people of scrapbooking. I am so lucky to have friends who love it just as much as I do, and I love how no matter the level of experience, we can all enjoy it, and learn from each other, together. So thank you scrappy friends, for always being there for me :]

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

beyond inspired.

[the mall of america archivers]
hommmme from Scrapfest, and finally kind of all unpacked lol. Just opened my Studio Calico glee club box [it came while I was gone] and I cannot wait to get my hands into some new projects. This weekend was truuuly amazing from the ladies who came through the make in take lines, to the wonderful designers && scrapbookers I had met before. I loved it, I didn't want to come home at all. But now that I am home, I cannot wait to get into some more projects, do some new photos with my new camera, and impatiently await the arrival of my mobile printer :]

I didn't get much done, just one page, and I started adding in all the things to my travel journal from Scrapfest, but I had a great time teaching others new techniques, talking to some of my favorite people in the industry, and getting goodies-- by far the best birthday present I've ever bought myself. Here's a few pics, already can't wait til next year!!! Hopefully I'll see you all there!

 [time holtz: a birthday hug && a compliment, ill take it :]

[jody & madison: LOVED working for Echo Park all weekend]

[the Studio Calico crew-- had SO much fun misting with them!]
[Amy Tangerine && Liz of Dear Lizzy-- LOVE you ladies && had so much fun talking to you all weekend, you both are SOOOO inspiring && I can't wait to see you again soon!]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i dont want to go home.

It started out a little bit rough, but I absolutely LOVE the Mall of America :] This has been the best experience, and I'm so glad I came. The entire weekend has been a blast, from working making takes, to getting to see faces to the names of online friends, to being told by Lizzy that I was talented lol. Spending time with the AMAZING people in the scrapbook industry reminds me why I SOOO badly want to be even more involved to spend more time with them, it's truly inspirational, thank you to all the companies & individuals that I spent time with this weekend :]

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Madison= GUY lol

SOOOO because I'm a wonderful facebook stalker && could spend all day everyday trying to get somewhere while sbooking, I saw this AMAZING post by Echo Park, asking for help at Scrapfest. Not only are they PAYING me, but I get free goodies too??? I may never come home from the Mall of America, and I haven't ever been, or have I even thought about the SHOPPING opportunities!!! [Okay, I thought about them, I just figured there was no way I could money manage for an extreme shopping spree :]

I am just so excited to meet Madison && the other Echo Park people-- an extra bonus for the sbookin trip of my birthday. This will deffffinitely make up the BEST birthday present to myself EVER.

I'm just so excited about everything! Off to finally go pack, I think I finnnnallly decided what I'm gona pack to take with me :] Night fellow sbookers!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

labor day laziness.

Here in ohio it was cold & rainy for this labor day weekend, so instead of getting to do all the fun festivities, I opted to stay inside, I can't get sick, I work every day until Scrapfest!!! As a result, I did get a few projects in, sneaks up here in a bit! I'm also getting ready for my Kick Off party for Stampin Up this Thursday :] Pretty excited for it, since I've actually gotten good responses from some of the girls I invited-- hopefully it turns out well!

I became a Stampin Up demonstrator, because as we all know, I am obsessed with owls, and they have a punch that I just HAD to have [it makes each part of an owl, how could I NOT need it??!!]. No one would answer me when I tried to order it online, and I just had a rough time getting to make the order, so when a wonnnderful lady named Carlyn went ahead, sent me a new && old catalog, I was all set-- she's now my upline! I had a great time driving to meet her in Kentucky, and can't wait to go to the KY Regional with her and all of the other ladies!

As far as the company goes, I love their products, and they have definitely gotten a lot more versatile over the years, I'm excited to share with others new stamps, papers && tools. SOOO of course with this new job comes fun new stuff-- like throwing a kick off party, complete with extra deals & giveaways! So if you would like to check out my Stampin Up buisness, come on out to my party on Thursday, just get ahold of me for details!!!! OR check out my demonstrator website @ http://sbookinshay29.stampinup.net/

Friday, September 2, 2011

DONE. & sent. EEEEeeeeekkkkk!!!

Well, I finished up my projects, uploading the pics of them && sent them in today before heading off to work, wish me luck!!!! Now, I just have to wait for a week to find out! If nothing else, at least I got a few projects done with a quickness lol. Thankfully it's a holiday weekend, and I work about every single day until I find out, so I should be able to stay busy & not think about it toooo much :]

PLUS my LSS got in lots of other new products came in while I was there today, so packing should be new & fun, pretty excited! I can't believe Scrapfest is in two weeks! I seriously cannot wait, I'm so excited for everything going on right now!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

lack of sleep=projects finished:]

I am SO excited about my Bella Blvd design team projects, and really hope I make the design team, it'd be amazing. All I have left is to throw on the pictures, which I'm picking up between shifts at work, and I'll be ready to send them on over to Stephanie to get looked at! I wish all of the contestants good luck, it'll be so much fun to see who all they pick, and what other ladies did with their projects :] I tried to use a different technique with each page, and make them all look different, with different photo sizes, ugh, the next weeks going to be horrible waiting to find out!!!! Thankfully, packing for Scrapfest will deffffinitely keep me busy, I have to get photos and pages all set & figure out what all I need to pack, and if I need to pick up anything at my LSS before I leave, maybe make a want list while I'm there since it'll be my birthday!!!!

Off to work I go, gotta make some moola to afford more sbooking supplies :]