Thursday, September 8, 2011

Madison= GUY lol

SOOOO because I'm a wonderful facebook stalker && could spend all day everyday trying to get somewhere while sbooking, I saw this AMAZING post by Echo Park, asking for help at Scrapfest. Not only are they PAYING me, but I get free goodies too??? I may never come home from the Mall of America, and I haven't ever been, or have I even thought about the SHOPPING opportunities!!! [Okay, I thought about them, I just figured there was no way I could money manage for an extreme shopping spree :]

I am just so excited to meet Madison && the other Echo Park people-- an extra bonus for the sbookin trip of my birthday. This will deffffinitely make up the BEST birthday present to myself EVER.

I'm just so excited about everything! Off to finally go pack, I think I finnnnallly decided what I'm gona pack to take with me :] Night fellow sbookers!!!

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