Saturday, November 5, 2011

munchkin. money & memories.

Well, as soon as I started it, of couuuurse I couldnt keep up my scrapbooking kick lol. It seems like everyone is sick, so I've been working extra, taking away from daily sbooking! SO on this 5th day of November, I will have to make up for three days.

I am most thankful for my munchkin. He makes me laugh, and mostttt of the time he lets me take as many pictures of him as I want :] I love having a munchkin who's freckles & personality are so much like mine who also fills in as the sibling I never had.

[[silly munchkins. watching Cars2]]

This time of year especially, I am thankful for my JOB = money. Lol Granted I will be saving forever to be able to buy a new car, but at least I have a full time job with benefits that I walk away with cash in hand [almost] every day :] I love the people I work with, & my regulars!

As a scrapbooker, I am thankful for my memories. Which could also mean I am thankful for my cameras, because they help me capture the pictures! & for having a good memory, because I loooove being able to reminisce with all my faves! Scrapbooking has been such an incredible part of my life, and I am constantly in awe of how much I really love everything about it. I love being able to share special moments with Caleb, friends and family, through all of my scrapbooks :]

Now that the babies are headed to bed after a crazy night of movie watching && silly pictures, I'm gonna use the time to catch up on scrapbooking && get some things done! Hope you're all having a crafty weekend!

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