Saturday, December 29, 2012

December #SMBiGbloghop

Hello wonderful blog readers!
2012 was such a fun year, and I was very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful group of ladies! For our last hop of the year, our theme was GOALS, which I am incredibly excited to see how the girls made it their own ;] I myself chose to make a mini book, that I will use to remind me of my goals & resolutions for 2013, and include pictures & mementos of HOW I am keeping up with them!

All the products I used for this mini book are from the Studio Calico, Darling Dear line, or the Amy Tan, Ready Set Go collection-- most of the items are still available in my shop on SALE right now!!!

Of course I had to start putting all my goals for 2013 onto one page-- looking pretty good altogether!

These calendar pockets from Studio Calico are absolutely perfect for this project, I cannot wait to slip photos & momentos from each month that have to do with my goals into them!

It is not completely finished, since I want to be able to add in quotes, journaling & whatever I feel goes along with my goals, but I am very excited to keep this project going all year long. I shared my list of 13 on this post, if you would like to read them a little more in detail. Counting down the days until the New Year starts, looking forward to lots of fun times & making life a little bit better ;]

Next up on the blog hop this month is Amanda, head on over to her blog,

Friday, December 28, 2012

ready for 2013.

For someone who absolutely LOVE Christmastime & DD, this holiday season has just not been my favorite, I was seriously struggling with being in the mood, but was trying for my munchkin, and impatiently awaiting it to be over.  I AM excited for the new year, now that the world isn't ending ;] & we got through the holidays. barely. Now we're trapped in a snow storm, so I have LOTS of time to work on some scrappy projects to get my year started off right!

Not only does the new year mean plenty of possibilities, and represents a new beginning to me. Since 2012 was not really what I was expecting, or even hoping for, I am determined to make 2013 INCREDIBLE. Not just a few things, but really life changing. I have a few things I would reallllllly like to make sure happen, which I have a feeling will become my "goals" when that clock strikes midnight. Not specific like a bucket list, which I normally make every year for my birthday, but personal hopes at making me a happier person.

1. Find a Job: First off, this isn't as rude as it sounds, because just reading those three words seems like I'm not doing a thing but sitting on my butt. What I mean by it, is find a job I LOVE. That makes me feel like it's worth it, that can help me get out of this funk && want to go to work everyday. I miss being at a workplace where I matter, love the people and most importantly what I want to be doing.

2. Let it go: I am one of those people who holds onto things, particularly emotions, and I am determined to give it up. The past year has probably been one of the roughest I've ever had, things just didn't go at all how I expected them to. Things I thought would change, didn't at all. Mostly, because I don't let things go & just move on, so I'm really going to focus on this one more.

3. DATE: Let me not bore you with the details of the terrible relationships I have had, although as an outsider, you might be able to give me some comic relief lol I don't want to go out searching for a husband necessarily, but I would like to find a bigger pond. I feel like as big as my city is, it's hard to find someone new. I want time by myself, without a boyfriend. Because the past few I've had, have definitely made me want to choose being single over them LOL So this is to encourage me to feel okay being alone, and taking those chances with someone I may not normally say yes to. [feel free to set me up on blind dates, I will gladly fill out a questionnaire for you ;]

4. One Little Word: For the past few years I have seen plenty of paper crafters participate in Ali's OLW project, and after falling in LOVE with DD, I thought maybe this project would be exactly a kick in the butt to really help accomplish some of my goals for the year.   If you would like to hear more about it, check it out on Ali's blog here.  Now, I just have to PICK my word-- if you're doing/have done this project before, share what words you've used, I'd love some inspiration! I don't know yet if I'll be taking the class, or doing my own thing, but there are some incredible projects out there that definitely make me want to find out more myself.

5. Do well in SCHOOL: I am SO excited about being back in school, and am really liking the program that I chose, why I chose to go back & how it's going. So I'm giving myself a GET IT GIRL and pushing myself to work even harder for something I have wanted SO badly.

6. Make a house a HOME:  I LOVE picking out things to put around the house, but ever since moving back home, it has been a major bummer. So once I figure out number one on my goals list, the most important one will be living alone again. Being a single mom has its disadvantages, and I am determined we will have our own place again, very soon, and can get back to being happy in our own space.

7. USE that DSLR: My family owns a photography business, so I am lucky enough to have an amazing DSLR, that cost me next to nothing & I didn't even pay for the lens. What a fabulous deal for a young single mom who scrapbooks & LOVES pictures? I use it, but not nearly as much as I would like, because I am dying to take another photography class, to kind of "relearn" the things I learned in school, but more specifically for my own Nikon.

8. Be creative EVERYDAY: This is always a goal. It is such a huge part of who I am, and I tried to have the same goal in 2012 and it worked pretty well. It can be working on a layout, a project, something kid crafty with Caleb-- I just think it makes my day better in general if I somehow get crafty.

9. Take time for ME: I don't do this nearly enough. 2013 is going to be all about ME. Making ME happy, and MY life better. Simple as that.

10. Blog. OFTEN: I have a good game plan for this new year, and some changes I want to make, including an entire blog "lift" and I must say I am quite excited about it, and partnering up with some of my faves!

11. Strive to be kind: In light of the nationwide events recently, I think RAK are even more important. The holiday season may not have been my favorite or most festive, but I did go out of my way to send out some happy mail and help those in need, I'd like to continue this all year long.

12. Get into shape: I have to admit in the past year, my unhappiness has made me slack in all sorts of areas, but I can definitely notice the HUGE difference in my weight. I worked at a gym for two years, I know what it takes to stay in shape, while eating what I want, but I've let it go-- and my pant size definitely reflects that :[  So back to the gym I go, starting the first of the year. Not because I want to be model thin, but I would like to not feel so gross when I go out shopping. I miss being able to pick up the size I always was and knowing it would fit fine, where as now I hardly find things I like. I WILL return to a skinnier, healthier me in 2013.

13. Enjoy the little things: For they are my favorite ;] Do you ever have those moments where you realize THIS is what's important? Mine was sitting at a bonfire a few weeks ago with some old faves, and it just really made the world click for me. It was the start of my goals & & resolutions, because I wanted more of those moments. I think in a busy world, sometimes we get caught up in trying to do too many things, please too many people, and I'm over it. I want to make myself happy, I want it to be about what I want, who I love. Realizing that the moments I'm most at peace with the planet are in the little things, and I want to spend more time this year paying attention to them.

&& those are my goals for 2013. I have even prepared a small mini book, which I will be sharing on Saturday for the Social [Media] Butterflies blog hop, and I cannot wait to add updates & pics to it that will showcase how I keep up with my  goals & resolutions in 2013. Thanks for staying with me on this wordy post, I'd love to hear what YOUR goals & resolutions for the year are!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

happy holidays.

Merry Christmas from me && my munchkin!

I LOVE the holidays, but this year wasn't my favorite. It turned out to be alright, Caleb had a GREAT Christmas & I ended up some pretty spectacular presents, but I can say I will gladly rush 2012 out of here, and get to welcoming 2013!

As we impatiently await the new year, I say why not have a sale in the shop?! My little elf is home for the next two weeks, and looking forward to being paid to help pack up the items & head to the post office with me. All items are 40% OFF, and from now until the end of the year I will be running specials here on the blog, facebook & my instagram, so we can get ready for the new CHA Winter excitement to start. For those of you who stop by today, feel free to use the code ENDof12 to get $5 off any purchase-- this will stay good through the 31st at midnight EST, even during the flash sales I plan on having ;] There will also be some FAB inspiration the next few weeks on my blog here, using lots of items from the shop-- just helping you spend your Christmas money ;]

I got a Big Shot & some moola for CHA, what crafty items did you get from Santa??

Sunday, December 16, 2012

scrap chat love.

I LOVE my scrappy girlfriends.
Some of my favorite people on the planet I have never met IRL, which would normally seen incredibly creepy, but I LOVE these ladies. Chat nights are always among my fave nights, because I get to catch up with these amazingly talented, crafty gals & this month was definitely one of the best EVER. 

Beforehand, I had this great idea to make a page that stood for that love, of our chats, our online friendships & the true community I feel we have over on the Studio Calico message boards. I tried working on it as we chatted, but it was a busy night, so I didn't finish up until last night. I LOVE it. It was one of those projects that I was hoping turned out great, but was crossing my fingers it was as great on paper as it seemed in my head....and I was NOT disappointed!

All the gals I put on here, I was hoping you wouldn't mind, & hope you love it just as much as I do! Here's to many more great chat nights, love ya girls! xoxo

All the supplies I used are from the Studio Calico December kit, 34th street, and Dear Lizzy items from my shop, Forever Young & Crafty, which are on sale here. All items in the shop are 20% off, get 20% MORE off if you go from here & enter the code BLOG20, SUCH a great deal for you blog followers ;] For any questions on how I did something, or what I used, feel free to leave questions below! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This is the last repeating date that we will have while I'm alive, and I am totally prepared to make it fun && take TONS of photos! I challenge you ALL to participate in take twelve, and make a project with the pictures you do take!

In addition, I am just a few short weeks away from heading to Cali to join some of my favorite scrappy loves at Winter CHA! I cannot wait to see all the amazing new goodies headed our way, and decide what to put up in the shop! To clear out some of my stock and get ready for the new year, I will be having TWELVE sales today, one every two hours, to make room for some of the new goods--- what a perfect way to stock up on some of your favorites?! Each of these will be based on EST time zone, and the codes will only work during the hours that they are scheduled!

[Keep in mind, ALL holiday product is already 20% OFF!!!] Snag these items quick, I'm sure they won't last long ;]

Midnight - 2AM:    FREE shipping on ALL orders over $25, using the code 12GIVE1

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10PM - Midnight:  
****SPECIAL**** Look for a special tab in the shop, 12GIVEAWAYS, and for this time block only, these items will be 50% OFF if you spend $20 in the store!

Please jump on over & visit us on Facebook, where we keep you up to date on specials & giveaways, and offer fun coupons JUST for our fans ;] I want to thank each & every one of your for supporting my new shop, and cannot wait to see what the new year brings, happy holidays && enjoy today's giveaways!!! xoxo

december daily: printer post

SILLY me, all that preparation & excitement for one of my favorite projects all year long, where you try & do the pages each day, and I DON'T HAVE PRINTER INK. lol One of those things that might just be reallllly important when you're wanting to print tons of holiday printables & pictures each day-- go figure right ?!?! Don't worry, I've been doing my journaling, and plugging things in as I go, so I'm not totally behind, I'm actually loving what I have done in my album so far! Thought I would share a few images of the bits & pieces that I DO have done:

I have to say on a personal note, this Christmas ISN'T the greatest, things are a little rough right now-- but I am taking this project as a way to really share what's important to me this holiday season. The little details are always what I love anyways, so I'm really trying to share more in this DD, even the not so wonderful parts. [[Including the oral surgery I get to have on Saturday, wish me luck LOL-- Suz, if I die, you get the shop okay?!]

How about everyone else, are we staying caught up with these first few days? What are you loving? What do you wish you would've done differently? Can you believe this month is just flying by?! I mean it's only TWO WEEKS until Christmas, eeeekkk!!!! I did pick up some ink today, off to go do a holiday activity with munchkin & then get to work on catching up-- I'll share the full pages here with you on Friday ;]

 && if you aren't already a fan of Forever Young & Crafty on facebook, make sure you go LIKE the page-- great things headed your way for a day full of sales tomorrow! If you're a fan you'll always get the first chance at specials, sales & giveaways ;] Details will be posted up at 10PM EST xoxo

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Santa:

In case you weren't aware, I am much more of an e-mail girl than a remember to throw that letter in the mailbox, unless it's cute & belongs to someone named Caleb. But as we get closer & closer to the holiday season, I MUST tell you my Christmas wishlist, because only you would buy me scrapbooking goodies & what I realllllllly want-- my family doesn't know adhesive from a Silhouette ;] I will EVEN give you links, just in case YOU want a few minutes on your tush before your big night! xoxo

A Very Merry December Mini Kit, available here: 
I mean, I NEED it, ya know? Mainly the stamp set, and the tin pins. But since I couldn't get the OA stuff in the shop as quickly as I would've liked, I might miss out if you don't get it for me.....

Image of Polka Dot A5 Notebook
THIS cute notebook in the urbanic paper pop up shop is TO DIE FOR. I need a few of them to turn into mini books and carry in the purse I know I'm getting for Christmas ;] One would fit perfectly into my Hello Kitty stocking, don't worry, I checked out the measurements for you.

Come on, we BOTH know I cannot continue to lug around my camera and get tan lines to it, or risk another lens incident [thank goodness the world will never rid of plastic forks!] why not a great camera bag?? Available at Jo Totes if this color sells out before you get a chance to put it in the sleigh, Mustard would be acceptable too.
Betsy Teal
And if you realllllly think I was good this year [I'm pretty positive I was, if you need me to remind you, I can get a few recommendations!] inside the camera bag you should include this strap from Bluebird Chic:
rainbow chevron camera strap cover
Mickey's been a great faithful friend, it was cute in Disney, but he's rusting & older than I am. It's about time for an upgrade, especially with CHA just a month away. The bag & strap even match, so I'll be all set to go to Cali!

&& just a few more fill me up stocking stuffers, all from Oh, Hello Friend:

Thanks Santa, I hope this was really helpful, being so easy to get to the shops & click that add to cart button. We'll have LOTS of handmade cookies & treats for you waiting, and Caleb'll take care of the reindeer too ;]

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whoo do I love?

Lawn Fawn.
is currently having a CHA challenge, where anyone can design a project and try to be one of 3 winners to be featured in the new catalog & Winter CHA booth-- what a dream come true for anyone who loves their stamps & products?! I am lucky enough to be going to Cali next month to attend the event, and it would be SOOOO amazing to see some of my own work up in a booth! Plus, the three winners get some yummy Lawn Fawn goodies so wish me luck! 

Here is what I came up with, this is for the Critters Category, Owl Pine For You:

I won this set from a giveaway over on Ellie's blog, and just KNEW I had to make this card with my love of owls & anything woodgrain! There are some GORGEOUS cards linked up already, I can't wait to see which ones get picked! Make sure you go check them out yourself, and join in on the fun here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

SMB HoliDAYS Day 1

I hope you'll all join me & the other Social [Media] Butterflies as we share some extra holiday inspiration from now until the 12th! There will be plenty of surprises & giveaways, as well as tutorials & ideas to get you through the holidays!

Today I am up with a December journal, and a giveaway from Forever Young & Crafty! Here's a peek of what you could win:

&& make sure you go to the Social [Media] Butterflies blog here to get entered to win! xoxo