Thursday, September 1, 2011

lack of sleep=projects finished:]

I am SO excited about my Bella Blvd design team projects, and really hope I make the design team, it'd be amazing. All I have left is to throw on the pictures, which I'm picking up between shifts at work, and I'll be ready to send them on over to Stephanie to get looked at! I wish all of the contestants good luck, it'll be so much fun to see who all they pick, and what other ladies did with their projects :] I tried to use a different technique with each page, and make them all look different, with different photo sizes, ugh, the next weeks going to be horrible waiting to find out!!!! Thankfully, packing for Scrapfest will deffffinitely keep me busy, I have to get photos and pages all set & figure out what all I need to pack, and if I need to pick up anything at my LSS before I leave, maybe make a want list while I'm there since it'll be my birthday!!!!

Off to work I go, gotta make some moola to afford more sbooking supplies :]

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