Sunday, October 28, 2012

beware of Frankenstorm.

&& be safe.
It has been just a scrappy life here in Ohio this weekend.

I finished up my November classes for the Paper Cottage. Worked out shop details [don't worry, grand opening details coming SOON]. Did some handmade items for upcoming Stampin Up Holiday shows. Worked in a few challenges. Set up the SeCret Santa for Studio Calico--- make sure you go sign up on the message boards by the first! Got all set for the blog hop tommorrow. Busy, busy, my favorite way to be!

We also managed to squeeze in some Halloween fun this weekend, between crazy rain and the threat of Frankenstorm. Our yard is tree free, but our across the street neighbors were more than willing to let Caleb jump in their leaves in exchange for some free child labor :] He helped haul the leaves to the curb, and then got to play. Today we stopped to pick up a pumpkin at a local church, and then came home & carved it. I'd show you pictures of that too, but my camera card ate them, so I'll have to use a photo recovery program. UGH I hate when stuff like that happens :[ At least we got lotttts of others this week! I LOVE fall activities, but the storm has made it SOOOO cold. It will be interesting to see how trick or treat goes this year!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy, productive, and all around fun weekend. Have a great week Shay!

    1. thanks girl! BUSY is my favorite way to be, so it works perfect! Hope your weekend was spectacular as well :]


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