Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chic Tags Challenge.

SO I don't know about you ladies, but sometimes when life gives you a bit of trouble, an iphone pic will JUST have to do it LOL As a lot of you know, I just got a Mac when school started a few weeks ago, and thought it was about time I converted all the documents/pictures/programs from my old computer to this one. UMMMM it is NO fun. I will probably NEVER do the whole new computer thing again haha It was such a pain in the butt, and I want to cry just looking at my screen, so I am avoiding BOTH computers until after I finish my homework tomorrow.....

As a result, this post is going up, late, from my iphone, pics included. So excuse the grainy quality, but I HAD to share my page for the Chic Tags Sunday Challenge, because I am TOTALLY in love with it! Here it is: [with a promise of editing later with better photos ;]

If you get the chance to join in on the challenge, jump in! I love what they've come up with so far, really great, fun challenges with some of my FAVE products ever. Link up [HERE] for this week's challenge, and every Sunday they post a new one, with giveaways!!!! Who doesn't like free scrap goodies?! Can't wait to see what ya'll come up with, thanks for stopping my to check mine out! 

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