Thursday, November 8, 2012

it's beginning

to look a lot like Christmas.

I don't know if it's all the talk about December Daily, and planning for exciting happenings leading up to the holiday. Or that I volunteered to organize 108 SC users for an international SeCret Santa gift exchange. The ongoing amount of preorders coming in for holiday goodness. Or the amount of happy mail I'm getting, which means it must be time to share my shop with you, so some of it can fly out of here ;]

Earlier this year, I learned the devastating news that my LSS would be closing, after being in business for 15 years. I was heartbroken, I feel like I grew up going to that store-- working there, designing there, meeting scrappy friends and hanging out for endless hours. I didn't want to NOT have access to all the amazing brands out there, and decided no matter what, I was gonna stay in the know in the industry. Thankfully, Brenda opened the Paper Cottage, and so I still have a store to go to when I run out of a color of cardstock, attend crops and see what's new. PLUS, I get to teach again, which I absolutely love. But it's a new store, so it's not possible for her to carry everything I'd like her to, especially the smaller shops.

So, why not open my OWN online shop?
Not to compete with her, I would never do that. I have so many amazing friends around the planet from getting to travel to events, and I LOVE finding the cute etsy shops & small goods, and love sharing them with my friends. Plus, I am back in school for graphic design, because this is where I want to BE in the world, the scrapbooking industry. Some of my gal pals have been lucky enough to hear the whispers and preorder a few of the goods I will be carrying in my shop, but I'd like you ALL to get to hear about it today :]
Forever Young & Crafty will be an online shop of my designs, handmade goods & favorite products. I will sell my class kits as well as fun project kits that will get featured here on the blog. To kick off my grand opening, I will be sharing the new products with you over the next few days, so you can see what I'll be carrying, and the shop will open for business on the 12th! You can also come LIKE the shop on facebook, and see special coupon codes & events that I'll only be sharing over there, plus sneaks leading up to the grand opening, of products in the shop! Make sure to save the shop in your favorites at

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