Friday, November 16, 2012

embellie kit winner.

Thank you for all the support of my new little shop, I am SOOOO excited to have the support of some of my favorite crafty people! I wanted to come on & announce the winner of my Holly Days embellie kit, the luckiest lady I've ever known, miss Ellie ;] Perfect timing since she's doing a whole week of giveaways for her birthday! Congrats Ellie! xoxo

go here to see the rafflecopter giveaway ;]


  1. WHAAATTTT GET THE HECK OUT LOL..YAY YAY Thank you sooooo much doing the happy dance. Ha.. get out too funny (Gabi thinks I'm nuts cause I'm cracking up over here!)

    1. right? like I ask you for help, and then I figured it out and I was like offfff course LOL xoxo I'll get it out to you today or tomorrow ;]


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