Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY: Valentine's Ruffles

If you didn't haven't checked it out, I DO have my own little online scrapbooking shop, Forever Young & Crafty. Favorite products, fun finds, mini kits-- whatever my little heart desires goes into that shop ;] It is also where you can find some of the products that the gals from the Social [Media] Butterflies use every month on the 29th for our blog hop. This month, I wanted to tie in some DIY post with items available in the shop, to show you how I use the products that I carry!

One of my favorite DIY projects on crafty things, is ruffles from things you wouldn't normally think to put on a project. SUCH a cute & trendy look, that you can make at almost NO cost. I mean seriously, who doesn't have a gift lying around the house somewhere that had tissue paper shoved in it? And I KNOW you've looked at some of those patterns and thought to yourself, now that would look cute on a page! & what about those extra cupcake liners after you finish you's child's class parties? WHAT a great way to tie it into the page by using an actual cupcake liner ON it?! That is what I'm sharing with you today, how to make some of those ruffles, with step by step pictures:

First, here are the supplies you need:
__ 2 cupcake liners
__ scissors
__ pencil
__ needle
__ thread
__ whatever paper you want to adhere it to
The items I am using are ALL part of the Valentine's Mini Kit available in my shop, here. You are more than welcome to use items from home-- think outside the box! If you DO make some ruffles, please link them up, I'd love to see them! xoxo

Take two cupcake liners, and cut them down the center, removing what would be the "base" of your cupcake so that they look like this:

If you're a bit of a perfectionist & love everything being the same width, including your hand stitching, use a ruler to measure out where your stitches will be-- for myself personally, I mark mine about a quarter inch apart. Of course, if you so choose, you can do this all with a sewing machine ;]

Put adhesive on one end of the cupcake liner, and attach it to the back of the page you want it on, fold it as desired, so that you can have different layers of ruffles if you would like. Then, start your hand sewing:, adding the rest of the cupcake liners as you move across:

When you are finished, tie off the back of your thread, I weave mine into the stitching, and tie it off. Then, you're all done! If you're using the Valentine's mini book, just back the page with adhesive & add it in there, and you have a cute, ruffled page! 

I hope you all have fun with this technique, and make some really cute projects with ruffles soon ;] Thanks for joining me for a mini Valentine's tutorial today! xoxo


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