Tuesday, April 24, 2012

too soon to say goodbye.

Sad news is never fun. Yesterday an e-mail went out and my LSS is closing it's doors on June 30th. I worked there for two years, and still love to hang out with the Tuesday gang ad stop in and crop when I can, it's right by my house and incredibly convenient since I don't have a car. I LOVE being so close, and now I have no idea where I'll go. I have great online scrappy friends, but I'm super sad to loose the place I go to sit for hours and talk about my favorite thing on the planet, scrapbooking. Being "younger" in the scrapbooking world is at times akward, because a lot of my friends haven't had kids yet, or a reason to really get into the hobby.

I haven't had a chance to go over to the store yet, and I'm dreading it, I've seen lots of posts of everyone being sad. I know it's not closing til the end of June, but it'll definitely be a major impact in my life. Some of the workers there are my favorite crafty people, I can't imagine not popping in to say hi and see what they're working on. And who will hold a garage sale so we can all buy and sell our unused goodies??

It's so sad that LSSs don't seem to stick around, because that's ALWAYS been what I wanted to do "when I grow up." I LOVE scrapbooking, everything about it, but the people are what I will miss most. The nearest store is now over an hour away, which I realise is the case for most scrapbookers, but I grew up with one around the corner, which is how I got involved so early. The past year, I've been on a mission, to GET INVOLVED. I scrapbook daily, because I would really like to work for a scrapbook company, or at a store. It's what I love, what makes me happy. I've thought about moving munchkin and I, for different reasons, but a scrapbook store HAD to be near. Now it seems I'll have to move if I want to be able to run in and pick up a piece of cardstock....

Thanks Simply, for being open the past 15 years, and being a HUGE part of my life.

A store closing is always sad, but this one hits close to the heart, and I'll really miss it.

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