Monday, April 23, 2012

Is anyone else ready for A Week in the Life??  The past year I've really tried to jump on every project I can, and really expand my scrapbooking. I took on Project Life late, and since I finnnnallly went and bought myself a new printer, I feel like I will be able to catch up and go along with the rest of the year now. I LOVE it, although I feel like it's a bit of a struggle to find COLOR in the products available, as most of the journaling cards I've seen are white-- but I've played around and am really liking how I can stretch my scraps && bring some color into it!

Along with Project Life, a lot of excitement has been going around about A Week in the Life , check out details on Ali's blog here >>> Even though this year's a tad bit unusual for me, it should be fun to try and catch the craziness day by day, hour by hour. I still want to do photo a day & take pictures for my Project Life, so it'll be fun to focus on words and TONS of pictures, thankfully I have a few fun events thrown in this week, not just working!

I haven't entirely decided if it will become a mini album like December Daily or what really I will be doing with it, since it's my first year, but I think I'll wait and let the pictures and memories decide for me! Off to print up some more journaling cards and get a few basic products together for this! Are any of you doing it??


  1. I am still trying to finish last years Week in the Life. I am NOT good at such projects. Takes me forever!

    The stamps on my layout came in the Louvre addon from the the SC City of Lights kits. HTH

  2. Last year I made a mini out of my WITL this year I will be doing the same I think w/it combined with my Project Life. I want to include more questionnaires & more info about our daily happenings as last year I didn't right as much as I had hoped. Also I am going to try to document each night that also will help I think because if you leave it for another day you will forget. I'm using my Ipod to write down little notes so I wouldn't forget what I want to include HTH!


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