Friday, September 21, 2012

happy birthday

to ME!

Normally I would not celebrate myself, but this year, I was SOOOO excited to get picures of myself done, and to make a 26 before I turn 27 list! I cannot wait to use this list & the pics my friend Julie took, to make a LO later today! Here's a few things on my list---

visit New York City during Christmastime

learn more about my DSLR

do things for MYSELF & less about others

go to a Cubs game

get crafty everyday

eat at a rooftop restaurant

&& you'll see the completed page after I finish it later this week! I'm definitely excited about this, as a list lover I knew I would do it, and thought it'd be the perfect way to celebrate my birthday! My big plans for the day?? getting crafty, of course!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I had a scrappy wonderful day && feel very loved :)


  1. Happy birthday! Can't wait to see your layout!

  2. As far as Instagtam boasts you've had a wonderful birthday. Yay!!! Looking forward to seeing your layout Shay.


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