Saturday, September 15, 2012


After a not so wonderful couple of days, I am very ready to hold my chin up and move on, no more sadness here.

I cannot believe I missed such a big event, and it broke my heart when I could finally log on and see what fun all the girls were having. I looked forward to it ALL year long, and am genuinely bummed at missing the opportunities I had to work for three amazing companies, and hope that they understand. Missing out on meeting some of my amazing scrappy online friends, going to Typo, this event is my happy birthday to myself, and would have been SUCH a great pick me up. For those of you I am close with, thank you for being there for me, and all of those I let down in any way, I apologize. Somethings in life you just cannot do anything to change, no matter what the situation is like. It was hard to come back home and NOT participate   in Scrapfest, but I absolutely guarantee I will be there next year.

To those of you who were expecting emails or calls, I'm sorry for being so out of touch, and I am plowing through them right now as I write this, I apologize if I let you down AT ALL.

In the meantime, back to classes, butterflies & trying to pretend I don't know that I just missed out on the best event EVER. Ladies who are there right now, I'll love seeing your photos and projects, and it's with a very heavy heart that I regret not being there.



  1. I sooo don't understand what happened that you missed out on Scrapfest but hope you feel better soon! I do understand what you mean by a heavy heart. I felt that way when I missed out on attending CHA this year after going last year. :(

    Just keep swimmin' girlie! Just keep swimmin'
    Take care you!

    1. Thanks Suz & so glad we got to chat, I don't normally post anout sad personal things, but thought an apology was needed just in case people hadnt heard. Back to sbooking && to do lists :)


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