Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Life is just a tad bit overwhelming at times! I just wanted to pop in and say hello to my favorite blog readers, and promise you that I haven't forgotten crafting, far from it in fact! I have been SO incredibly busy with projects for the store, revamping the blog & getting ready for some REALLY exciting features coming to you in September, and the worst part has been not having Internet right now :[ I am currently blogging from my iphone, and I am just NOT a fan of blogging in that fashion, I love having my laptop with a bigger screen, posts full of pics kind of girl!
So here's my promise to be back with a really inspirational post later this week, just for the readers because I really hate that I've been slacking! Happy crafting & hope you are all having an AMAZING day!

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  1. I officially call August insane month I was just about to post about the madness going on w/me too!


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