Wednesday, June 27, 2012

under construction.

As you visit my blog the next few days, it will be going through a few changes, so I apologize for the state it could be in when you visit LOL. Please ignore it's simplicity while I work out the kinks, and just look at the pretty pictures :]

Getting a lot done lately, and counting down very impatiently to CHA! I cannot wait to go back to Chicago & walk the show! I LOVED last summer, and it cannot get here fast enough! I will be there early to spend time with my bestie, Sarah, who lives in CHi-O & we'll squeeze in a show, shopping, the Pier, & hopefully a Cubs game! I LOVE going to visit her, and it's so nice combining a visit with show, especially since this one'll be nice & long! Any suggestions on things to do/see that I maybe haven't?! I love checking out new things when I go, there's always so much to do in the city!

Now to finish the night scrapbooking, I am seriously working my butt of to get projects done. I'm realllly missing being at a scrapbooking store, & with Simply closing I'm just super bummed. I would LOVE to work at a store again, especially since BWs just isn't cuttin it these days. I'm on a mission to find something in the scrapbooking world, because that's where I want to be. && I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something comes up soon, I'd LOVE to spend all my time surrounded by what I love most :]

&& if you don't know, I am now hosting a monthly iG challenge, with a group of ladies, Social [Media] Butterflies as I like to call them :] Make sure you check back Friday, and see what it's all about! There willlll be prizes, GOOD ones!

Lots of love & happy scrapping!

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