Thursday, June 21, 2012

blog boo hoo

THIS girl was JUST trying to add a header. Nothing fancy, just something a little more exciting on the top with some pics of myself & projects I've done & now it's ALL gone. I don't understand. I even saved my html & sent it to myself in an e-mail, but now it's lost FOREVER. & I freaken LOVED my background, because it matched my scrap supplies :[ If any of you lovlies are awesome bloggers and understand all this html greatness, HELP a girl out PLEASE. This is not a good time for this to happen, I have too many automatic posts coming up & I will look ridiculous if this is what my blog looks like......


  1. Shay,
    For the short term, you could just upload (copy and paste the code) of a free blog background and header from thecutestblogontheblock or shabby blogs until you have time to recover your old blog settings. HTH.

    1. Thanks Suz!!! I'm still workin on it, hopin it'll look BeaUtiful for Friday :)


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