Sunday, May 13, 2012

right now.

Time: 9:48
Location: bedroom
Eating: nothing, too full!! I've got a few snacks ready thou for later
Drinking: mountain dew. always.
Watching: Lord of the Rings LOL I thought I'd watch them for the second time ever.
Listening: the movie, but newest purchase, Karmin's album, SO proud of her, I've been waiting for it to happen ever since her first youtube video!
Loving: munchkin. He's such a cute little nerd.
Enjoying: a wonderful craft Mother's Day
Wanting: to keep ticking things off my to do list
Needing: a car. Seriously I need to get on this, but things just keep coming up.
Preparing: happy mail for a few people, love getting rid of the goodies I won't use-- someone's "trash" is always someone else's treasure :] &&
Thinking: I may not make it through sneaks, I'm getting sleepy!!!
Making: projects for this weeks blog posts! Now that I'd done with the awesome NSD challenges, I'm on to other fun things

Thanks Lisa, for this great look into right now, I think it'll HAVE to go into PL, as something different for a week :]  Now, back to crafting, and waiting for sneak chat!

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