Friday, July 19, 2013

goodbye blogger.

Blogger has been reallllly good to me, but it was time for something new. I LOVE blogging, but I fell a bit behind, life just became a little bit crazy. As I was rethinking WHERE I wanted to go with my writing, my projects, and working on a brand I decided a new space with a fresh start is just what I needed & wanted. The freedom to use my graphic designs skills as I learn at school to make my blog my own. Bear with me as I find my way in my new place, I cannot wait to share with all of you what amazing projects I've been working on! If you'd like to keep an eye on all the things I'm doing, feel free to follow me, and leave me a link below to YOUR blog, so I can come check it out! To get this NEW party started, I'm having a giveaway at the new site, so make sure you head on over to check it out! Once you've followed my new blog -- leave me a comment on my first post, with how YOU found my blog, instagram, what message board, previous follower, Find Your Voice, and you'll be entered to win! Winner will be announced next Friday, so spread the word! Thank you for all your support here on my blog, I look forward to sharing & creating with all of you at the new site! xoxo

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