Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project Life: Tips & Tricks

For my project life post this week, I wanted to share a little bit of HOW I do my project life, and what works for me-- in case it would help you!

I am VERY OCD, and a little organization can help you out big time when it comes to a weekly project. Personally, I'm of the opinion that ALL worthwhile tasks begin with a great notebook:

For me, I like taking notes during the week, of what happens, life events that happen. It helps me try to get an idea of what my spread has room for, possibly a color scheme/line of products I may want to use and which page protector I may want the second side to have. Here's what the week looks like as I draw it out:

When I have time throughout the week, I even start on my week, for example, here's this past week, Week 15 in progress:

I use post-its in co-ordinating color to mark photos, type, style, size. Right now, I'm using yellow for Persnickety Prints polaroids, my absolute favorite way to get prints in a unique way. Orange tabs are for full pocket pictures, pink is what week the protector goes to. I write on the tab post-its WHAT it is, which makes it SO easy when I go to plug them in after printing.

How do you organize to get ready for your own weeks? Do any of you organize throughout the week? Work as the week goes on, or just commit a a few hours on a certain day? I'd LOVE to hear how you all do Project Life!

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