Monday, July 9, 2012

scrap sale.

I have HUGE news, that I will be writing about right after CHA, but until then, I'd love to clear out some room in my stash for a REALLY GOOD reason :] I have tons of extra stuff, or unused stamps that I won't probably ever get to use, so I'd love for them to find some great new homes! Check out my flickr photostream for prices && email me at with what goodies you would like to purchase, I will check what TIME I received posts/emails & go with a first come first serve policy! I will be updating the items as I get more pics uploaded, so check back!

sbookinshay on flickr-- SCRAP SALE :]

And I know over at Studio Calico there's been a lot of talk on the boards about the prices of the add-on stamps, and I DON'T know the best answer, but I'm gonna go with this way..... I have the stamp from the Four Square add on, the graph that I know I won't ever get around to using, but fell in love with the rest of the kit. I know a TON of you missed out on this stamp, and I would LOVE to make someone happy. ***** I also have the Louvre Add On stamp, Jetsetter & the hot air balloon stamp-- make sure you keep checking back, I'm adding new ones ALL week!

Email me an offer, I'll keep it open until Thursday at midnight EST, and sell it to the highest bidder. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but with my big news I just want to clear out some goodies! Thank you :]

I did NOT include shipping in my prices, I priced them at what I paid for them or lower.  I will accept Paypal, and will let you know shipping based on your area code! Thank you!


  1. Are you on a design team now? That would be super exciting! :)

    1. Sierra I wish! Sadly, no, but its definitely GOOD news, which I can't say until after CHA-- it'll be awesome though, & I am incredibly excited for new opportunities :]


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